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Worried about a rough riding after-market suspension? Not at 5 Knights, our suspension services will increase the ride of your vehicle for that smooth ride you're looking for

Whether you have a faulty suspension system or wanting a new look, you'll find everything you need and more. You have a few choices when it comes to suspension:

  • Lift kits - Sky's the limit! Our lift not only improve the look, but also the performance of your suspension. Our flagship brand is BDS Suspension Systems that offer a wide arrange of options to find the height and performance level that you desire.
  • Lowering kits - "low and slow" we lower your ride the right way, maintaining your factory ride a lowered vehicle key. We offer various kits to fit the look and budget for you.
  • Air suspension kits - If it's not high in the air we can build them laying on the ground. We believe that 5 Knights that if it's not lifted it should be laying frame. Air ride suspension allows you to adjust your ride height at all time with an airsoft smooth ride. NO vehicle too new or old.

Maintain your vehicle's suspension

Suspension kits can be expensive, so it's important that you maintain yours regularly to ensure long-lasting suspension to keep you driving smoothly all year long.

If you experience any problems with your suspension, call or come by!

Are you ready to drive smooth with a new suspension kit? Call today!


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